• Robert F Bernstock Has Plenty of Experience as an Executive

  • Posted on March 21, 2022
  • Throughout the course of his long, quarter-century career, Robert F. Bernstock has repeatedly shown himself to be accomplished in the day-to-day conduct of virtually any business in which he has been involved, especially as an executive. At various times in the past 25 years, Bob Bernstock has been endorsed for his skills in a number of important business areas, including common areas like leadership, strategic planning, and negotiation, as well as change management, which Bob Bernstock considers to be a critical skill for any management team.

    Robert F. Bernstock has been an executive officer and/or a director with eight different companies ver the past 25 years, and that includes several who usually occupy the Fortune 1000. However, he also served as a leader of the largest government agency in the world, the United States Postal Service. He has a reputation as an experienced and capable businessman who can use the most effective corporate strategies and best practices to lead many types of companies. Perhaps his greatest accomplishments have been based on Bob Bernstock’s belief that a company’s success is directly related t their ability to embrace and overcome change.

    Over the years, Bob Bernstock has come to understand better than most that change is the only thing constant in any business environment, but how an organization embraces and deals with change will quite possibly determine their success in whichever business they choose to enter, Dealing with change the right way cam make any business more efficient, effective and profitable. Robert F. Bernstock’s extensive experience with corporate strategies and best practices has also led to his selection for a number of public and private company boards. A look at his resume reveals that Robert F. Bernstock prefers work to sitting idle. He has served as the Chairman and CEO of USCI Company since January 2014 and he has also served as President and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC simultaneously, since 2015. At the same time, he has served as a consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, a major marketer of branded lawn & garden and pet products nationwide.

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